Friday, September 24, 2010

Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again (1982)

I was first made aware of Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again at age five. We would go to our local video store, "Video West", and the cover of this movie was absolutely mesmerizing to me. Well, actually, the back cover, which has a picture of a woman with cartoonishly large bosoms, and I'm not talking about Pam Anderson-large, I'm talking about breasts as large as a weather-balloon. At least that's how I remember it. This image haunted my subconscious for the next 28 years, until at age 33 I finally sat down with a DVD copy from Netflix.

As I pressed play I remarked to my Stack of Dimes co-host, Thunder, that I was extremely excited to see loads of 80's boobs (Any cinephile will tell you that boobs from different decades are easily distinguishable). Fifty-Six minutes later we had barely seen just the edge of a nipple. In fact, for an R-rated 80's sex comedy, Jekyll and Hyde is downright tame. I think this film would barely get a PG-13 today.

Here's the quick synopsis: It's present day (1982), and Dr. Jekyll is a surgeon at a hospital called "Our Lady of Pain and Suffering". He's a total bore who's more interested in his experiments to find a drug that will unleash the human body's survival instinct in dying patients, than he is in his super-hot, sex-starved wife.

After accidentally snorting his latest experimental drug (Which is suppose to be cocaine, but it's never called that), he transforms into Hyde, a character that today would be called a "Douche-Nozzle", back back in 1982 was probably called a "lounge lizard", or a "barfly." The transformation is definitely the highlight of the film, and nearly makes the rest of the film worth watching. Once transformed, Hyde goes out in search of a hooker who Dr. Jekyll had recently encountered and a wild night of drugs, sex, and nazi uniforms occurs. Well, at least I think it occurs. We never see any of that part. Just when you think the good stuff is about to begin, the scene fades to black, and then fades in on the next morning. Wait - What?! I just sat through all of this boring exposition to see some zany sex jokes, and instead they fade to the next morning?

To be continued...

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